Poker Game and its Popularity

Hello everybody and welcome to this new video. I can figure out how thrilled you are! For having been introduced head on in the poker world. ¡No! ¡no!

¿No? First and foremost, it is really important to know and understand poker language. To be part of this parallel world. how was last night? You know… I was at a totally busted restaurant When a friend called me and offered me to go to a nightclub that it’s the nuts. Me, zero bankroll, but she told me that she backed me up and…

I snaped! At some moment in the night, I came across my ex. It was a super sick moment. But, luckily, everything flew and he didn´t see me. Could you understand anything out of this conversation? A Little?

Nothing? Don´t worry! That´s what today´s video is for.

To help you understand … or at least, try. These words are not only used at poker. But are also constantly applied to everyday life. And when I say constantly… Believe me, it is like that.

These terms can be applied to everything. Hey, where is the at sign in this computer? Alt queen, Pam. 1,2,3 Go!

We call Blinds To the forced bets before the deal is done. And you might wonder… who makes the bets Pamsi? The players immediately on the left of the one who takes the button position The first three community cards… Production! Cards!

The first three cards to be faced up are the FLOP The fourth one, the TURN The fifth, and last one, the RIVER. This is wrong, isn´t it? My mistake The five cards make up the BOARD We make a CALL when we pay a bet.

A SNAP CALL when we do it at once Without thinking too much about it. Hey, let´s stop for a while, I´m starving. I can no longer go on. Uh! Snaped!

CHECK when we pass. And FOLD when we throw our cards. Hi! No, you don´t know!

I am… I can´t go on, I am in pain, today I fold going out. I´m staying in. Kisses! If everything flies, it means that we got all the cards we need We will complete the best possible hand.

Therefore, we have the NUTS. All in, is one of the most popular words And that best represents the world of poker. It is used when you bet all the chips you have.

When we lose a hand we believe impossible to lose, we say we had a bad beat. It is as if you have the worst of luck at the worst possible moment. It is the worst thing that may happen to you in your entire life. And the ways of reacting at this are always bad. They lead us to a dark world full of fury, hatred and despair where no-one would never ever like to be.

But for the poker player, it is unavoidable. The dreaded TILT mode! We say we are ‘busted’ when we are eliminated Or when we lose all our bank. Bank means bankroll, all the money we have put aside to play. And we are the bubble, when we come in the last position before the cashing out.

That is, we don´t even get a consolation prize. Nothing at all? Nothing?

¡No! No I can’t believe it! I Bubbled the bus! A Flip is a 50/50 situation like when flipping a coin! And we are bluffing basically when we lie.

These are a few, Just some Of the most frequently used terms in poker. Here in the comments, you can tell me about situations in which these little words could be applied Personally, the one I like most and use most is “FISH”. But I haven´t explained what Fish means.

What a Fish! Fish is the word used to refer to lousy players Sharks to the good ones. I say goodbye for now.