Casinos Will Bring Only Misery to Japan

About 60-70 % of Japanese oppose casinos. Please look at this graph. The question is “. What do think about building …” .. a casino facility in the region where you live?

? ”, 75 % of the people answered, that they don’t want it And here’s a survey of Osaka people about lan-based and online casinos. Even in Osaka, the opposition is over 50 % And there was recently the Yokohama mayoral election.

According to the exit polls taken at the voting booths, 77 % said “ No” to the idea of building a casino. The Japanese people are firmly against casinos. It is unreasonable to build casinos under this condition. In Japan, we already have pachinko pachislot, horse racing, bicycle racing, boat, racing, auto racing and various kinds of lotteries.

It’S already a country with a lot of gambling, Pachinko and pachislot is in front of many train stations Day or night by utilizing. The internet People can play gambling dice games. Japan is a big gambling country. So if we now open IR casinos, Those engaged in gambling would increase. Gambling addiction is not about a person’s own will, Even if their family and friends try to persuade them.

Gambling addicts can’t stop their behavior. This is because it is a disease inside the brain, Even if they try as hard as they can, they can’t quit. They cannot help but keep borrowing money For pachinko, pachislot horse racing bicycle racing.

They just can’t stop –, that’s gambling addiction, Certainly IR casinos will produce sales and income, But where does that money come from It’s the money from Japanese people losing It just shifts money from the right hand, to the left hand From the losers to the winners, So Sure some employment is created And then some tax money is spread to the local area, But at the base is the money Japanese people lost. It is built on the misfortune of many people. That’S not the path for a great economic country. Regional areas in Japan are facing economic decline, Their economies are sinking further and further South of Osaka is Wakayama Prefecture.

Wakayama City is trying to attract an IR casino. They want to increase tourists to their area. They want to make their local economy stronger. There are other local areas which have the same hopes. However, if IR casinos are established, It will not necessarily help the local economies, For example, consider the case of Universal Studios, Japan. When USJ first came to Osaka All the local market streets were excited at the prospect.

They thought the customers would come to their shops. They hoped their shopping malls would fill up, But visitors to USJ in fact spent all their money inside USJ. The surrounding businesses received no additional money. If IR casinos are built, people will spend only inside the IRs.

The local businesses cannot expect much of a boost. There’S one more thing: I want to show you: This is data from the case of Korea. They now have casinos in 17 places in Korea.

This is about the overall economic effect of hosting casinos. There are social costs to hosting casinos. There are economic costs as well.

Here is the effect on personal debt. Here is unemployment. Money spent dealing with crime Here is various legal and judicial fees.

Here is medical costs for dealing with addiction And money for rehabilitation. These costs amount to five times, casinos’ positive effects. That means that the social costs associated with casinos can outrun benefits by five six seven times. The same thing could happen in Japan, In other words, IR casinos might benefit the casino industry and it could have merit for some politicians, But for we, Japanese people in the regional areas There is actually no benefit at all. For us, we can expect nothing good from hosting casinos.